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We currently meet in various Community Groups around Morningside, and in God's grace, our intention is to multiply the red dots over the next few months. As with Trinity Gathered our aim is to make these groups accessible to everyone. No-one is ever forced to read or pray, but can contribute as much or as little as they feel comfortable with.    

We meet together for: 

Gospel Enjoyment

We seek not just to study the gospel, but to enjoy the gospel. As we read, question, reflect on and internalise the bible together we hope to be challenged and equipped to live for Jesus. Therefore a good part of these gatherings are spent reading and talking about the bible. 

Intentional Community

Christian life isn't meant to be lived alone. As the gospel brings us into relationship with God it brings us into relationship with each other. We aim to love and serve one another to reflect this truth. One way we cultivate this community is by kicking off our get together with a meal.

Prayerful Mission

We would hate to be groups that were only concerned with themselves. The grace that God has shown us compels us to show it to others. We do this on a spiritual level as we present Christianity in language that is understandable. We also do this on a practical level as we try and meet some of the many physical needs of our neighbourhood. Both of these require us to prayerfully rely on God. 

If you are interested in joining one of these Community Groups, please email your contact details to