Social Media Survey 

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Help us, help you :-) 

It feels like everywhere you look nowadays people are talking about social media. We at Trinity have always advertised our website (updated every now and then) Facebook (we've used this on and off) and Twitter (hmmm...) but we are wanting to improve things around here, and so we would appreciate your help to do this. If you could take 3 minutes to fill out this social media survey it would definitely help us to make things more customised and in line with what our people are about. 

Thank you!

Social Media Tools *
Tick the social media platforms you use:
What is your preferred method of getting news from Trinity?
Roughly how regularly do you check / use Instagram?
Roughly how regularly do you check / use Facebook?
Roughly how regularly do you check / use Twitter?
When last did you look at the church website?
What would you like Trinity to do differently / better when it comes to social media?