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Community Groups

We currently meet in various Community Groups around Morningside, and in God's grace, our intention is to multiply the red dots over the next few months. As with Trinity Gathered our aim is to make these groups accessible to everyone. No-one is ever forced to read or pray, but can contribute as much or as little as they feel comfortable with.    

We meet together for: 

Gospel Enjoyment

We seek not just to study the gospel, but to enjoy the gospel. As we read, question, reflect on and internalise the bible together we hope to be challenged and equipped to live for Jesus. Therefore a good part of these gatherings are spent reading and talking about the bible. 

Intentional Community

Christian life isn't meant to be lived alone. As the gospel brings us into relationship with God it brings us into relationship with each other. We aim to love and serve one another to reflect this truth. One way we cultivate this community is by kicking off our get together with a meal.

Prayerful mission

We would hate to be groups that were only concerned with themselves. The grace that God has shown us compels us to show it to others. We do this on a spiritual level as we present Christianity in language that is understandable. We also do this on a practical level as we try and meet some of the many physical needs of our neighbourhood. Both of these require us to prayerfully rely on God. 

If you are interested in joining one of these Community Groups, please email your contact details to

In November 2013 we at Trinity commissioned deacons* to serve us.  The word deacon literally meant ‘waiter’ or ‘servant’;  and the first time we see deacons becoming a kind of office or role in the church is in Acts 6. Some widows in the first church were not getting looked after by the church, not because the church were lazy or stingy but because the leaders were busy doing other things.  It was more of an admin problem than an attitude problem.

The leaders didn’t feel it was right to stop what they were doing - preaching the gospel and praying - in order to take care of the women, so they set up another leadership structure to specifically look after the physical needs of people in the church.

They didn’t just choose anyone.
They chose people with a good understanding of the gospel, people who were known for being servant-hearted and filled with the Spirit.  Paul lays out some of the character requirements in 1 Timothy 3.
What are the deacons at Trinity responsible for?

INSIDE the church... The deacons are responsible for looking after the physical, practical and social needs of the people in the church.  This will include:

  • the pantry - making sure basic needs are met
  • help with finances if necessary
  • hospitality - particularly making sure new people feel at home with us
  • admin - helping people with CVs, visas, helping to organise accommodation etc.

OUTSIDE the church... The deacons are responsible for raising the profile of social justice in the church:

  • By flagging up good projects that people might like to give an evening or a Saturday morning to
  • By helping the congregation at Trinity understand how we should think about giving... money / time  

An important point must be made: ‘being responsible for’ and ‘doing’ are not the same thing.  In other words we as the church are not meant to breathe a collective sigh of relief and say, "phew someone else is doing all that... I don’t need to worry about it".

According to the Bible, every Christian should reach out to the poor and do what they can to uplift and redress the balance of injustice they see around them.  They do this in response to the grace they've been shown by their Lord Jesus.  Every community group should do what they can to help each other in the group.   The same applies to looking out for and welcoming new people in the church.  It's not someone else’s job it’s yours!  The deacons are just overseeing this and helping us do it better.

Should you wish to contact the deacons, please email:




* NB these are not to be confused with the deacons our denomination (REACH-SA) ordain as the first office held after theological training

Every Sunday at 5pm while the adults meet for Trinity Gathered, the children meet for Trinity Kids. Their time starts with all of the children gathered together for a time of praying and singing following which they are seperated into age based groups.

Our Trinity Kids teachers are a mix of men and woman, school teachers and Moms and Dads; all of whom love the Lord and take seriously the responsibility and privilege of teaching children God's Word.

Our prayer is that our children will come to understand the Gospel and put their trust in Jesus as their own personal Lord and Saviour.

Creche (0-2 year olds)
A responsible adult is always available to take care of our babies in a safe, happy, toy filled room, but Moms and Dads are welcome to stay and play along.

2-5 year olds
This group meets in the same room as the creche, so that younger children are welcome to go across and play. For those that are wiling and able, there is a teaching program and a craft activity to reinforce the main idea of the lesson.

6-8 year olds
Following their time together with the younger children these kid's make their way to the main hall where they have their own teaching program.


All the material used is age appropriate and true to the Bible.
As our Children's Church grows, we will add more groups.